Humble Beginnings

Long, long ago, people were generally known by their given names such as Mary. When traveling, they would add where they hailed from, e.g., Mary from Shuttleworth. But where is Shuttleworth? 

“The surname Shuttleworth was first found in Lancashire, at Shuttleworth, now a hamlet at the northeastern extremity of the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, in Greater Manchester.” (Ref.

Tracing her immediate international heritage leads back to the United Kingdom and Australia. She was born and raised in South Africa many years ago. Her learning disabilities made boarding school years difficult. Playing the piano gave that shy girl a voice she could share. Swimming competitions challenged her to succeed. Determined, she mastered those study hurdles then later earned her doctorate in education at Fielding Graduate University. Education, education, education! 

Education. Human Rights Education. Peace Education. Shuttleworth has an impatient passion for peace. With her insatiable curiosity, sharing lessons, experiences, challenges, successes, rich cultures, local foot-tapping music, sometimes eating truly strange foods, her journey continues in real and virtual realities. 

She confesses that she traveled with heels two decades ago, but today those shoes are as flat as possible “It’s been a long journey,” says Mary, “I think just that bit of comfort is now in order.” 

“Though I’m a teacher, it’s meeting
amazing people around the world and
learning from them that keeps me shuttling.”

Dr. Mary Shuttleworth